Memories of a Vanished Way of Life

"Memories of a Vanished Way of Life," is a Memoir of Pastor Ellis' life as he grew up in Robeson County the son of a poor Tenant Farmer. It portrays many wonderful, true stories of not only his family life, but stories of other generations that still exist in the county today. It depicts the years from his birth in 1937 forward, and vividly describes how life was back then. It tells how people shared their means with each other, as well as their lives, their love, and love of God in order to to survive in day's long past. He recalls the changes that occurred with commercial businesses, the market place, and the tobacco trade. He enlightens us all when he tells how the first tractors were made, and how they changed to fancier models much better equipped to bare the heavy load of the average work day of that time. You'll find out how schools were back then, and how children had to walk miles to the school bus, even in the snow.

Pastor Ellis tells us about the salaries of that time, and how he received $21.00 a month at the age of 16, to drive the local school bus. How while working this job one day in 1954, he encountered Robeson County's first hurricane, Hurricane Hazel. His account of that experience will touch your heart, as he describes how he had to drive over downed trees and later, still, had to back the school bus up to a store he had passed when he realized he could not go forward because of the downed trees. Of course, even as a 16 year old, he thanked the good Lord for saving him and the children he was in charge of.

We know after you read Memories of a Vanished Way of Life, your heart and soul will be touched by some of the memories many of you will share with Pastor Ellis. It is available at the cost of $12. It has 124 pages, and includes many pictures. Any monies received will be returned back into Country Preacher Ministries, Inc. to continue our mission of spreading the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Poem taken from "Memories of a Vanished Way of Life"

The Tractor

They made them of iron and steel,
On rubber, rolling across the fields.
Grease and oil with gasoline,
"Monsters," pulling implements.

Roaring, struggling, on they went,
A mindless machine with no intent.
A farmer bouncing on its seat,
Hot and thirsty from the heat.

To stop, you do not need to yell,
It has brakes on the right and left.
With lights for night, the work to do,
This tractor’s just the thing for you.

Goodby mule, you ornery cuss,
You kept my blood pressure up.
I’m happy now as I can be,
Driving this tractor machine.

Raymond T. Ellis   ©

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