Morning God

We at Country Preacher Minstries, Inc. feel very blessed to be able to publish another collection of Pastor Ellis’ inspirational writings, "Morning God." It contains various subjects about our spiritual and natural lives that we know our readers can relate too. It has 261 pages and is available at the cost of $25.00. Morning God can also be found in the libraries in Robeson and surrounding counties. All monies received are returned back into Country Preacher Ministries, Inc. to continue our mission of spreading the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Poems taken from "Morning God"

God On My Mind

I awoke with God on my mind today,
And thought how He watched over me, as in the bed I lay.
The keeper of the stars and He knows their every name,
Protected me while I slept, and renewed my strength, again.

I knew how much I needed Him,
I wonder now do you?
For without His love and mercy, what would we do?
How important to have these thoughts, we can have of God,
To fill our hearts each day, as we work on our jobs.

"What was on your mind when you arose, dear friend?"
"Did you stop and pray for wisdom, and to keep you from sin?"
The enemy will be on the job, to try and lead you astray,
But if we will trust the Lord, we'll make it anyway.

Peace is promised to those, whose minds are stayed on Thee,
And God knows who they are, that His will they will seek.
No greater thought can we have than thinking of our Lord.
How pleased the Heavenly Father is, then, we are told in His Word.

So put away foolish thoughts and think of Jesus Christ.
Think of what He's done for you, and let it control your life.
Don't let Satan deceive you, although he will try,
Keep God on your mind, until you tell this world goodbye.

Raymond T. Ellis

The Days Of Darkness

I have come from the land of ignorance,
Where blinded I served evil purposes.
At the time I was not aware of my condition,
For I did not know that I was blind.

One day light begin to flow into my soul,
The light of the gospel, and the Word of God.
Slowly it began to change my thinking,
And molded me into a different person.

There were times of growing in the Lord,
And there were times when I faltered.
Only the patience of God and His Word,
Has enabled me to mature some along the way.

When I think back to those times of darkness,
I shudder at my lost condition before my Creator.
What mercy He has shown me, so kindly,
"How can I ever praise and thank Him enough?"

During the times of my spiritual poverty,
I did not realize the danger of my sin.
Little did I understand that Satan controlled me,
And that I was serving his purposes.

Through the years the Lord has taught me,
Helping me to understand who He really is,
I've learned of His ways from His Word. And,
I have come to see myself, the sinner I am.

God will teach and bless us if we respond
To His call upon our lives to trust Christ.
How foolish to walk before our Maker,
And ignore His warning of sin and Hell.

Today, I have such peace and comfort,
That could come only from my Savior.
I enjoy the True Light of heaven,
And the darkness has faded away by His grace.

Raymond T. Ellis

He Cared For Me

When I was small, and knew not,
There was a God, who cared a lot.
When I learned of His mighty power,
I feared Him not, because I was a child.

When I was young, and went my way,
I sought not His offered grace.
Life was mine, I thought to live,
Not understanding my life was His.

As I grew older, the sermons heard,
Got me to thinking, I should serve.
This Holy God, unseen, but real,
Who seemed to be calling me.

I felt He was intruding saying
What He wanted from my life.
And I was feeling what I wanted,
So that did not suit me right.

One day I realized the awful mess I'd made,
Now I needed Him, my sinful soul to save.
Believing in His forgiveness, I trusted Him.
But failed to fully love Him, even then.

Still He cared for me, that I can say.
Though I still neglected Him every day.
Finally I repented without a doubt.
And, my life was changed, within and without.

Now I serve my God rejoicing all the time,
I've never been so happy, and life is very fine.
If you need a purpose as you go along your way,
God cares for you, just trust Him today.

Raymond T. Ellis

My Attitude

"What am I doing complaining all the time?"
All of my murmuring won't make me fine.
With all of these troubles I'm going through,
I need to adjust my bad attitude.

Yes, I have griped as hard as I can.
And it doesn't change a single thing.
"What am I grumbling about, as I do?"
I need to get a new attitude.

Now I may fume and I may fuss.
I may scream, like sometimes I must.
"What makes me like this, I have no clue?"
But I've got to get a better attitude.

I've read in the Bible when the Lord was here,
He took life as it was, and had no fear.
Now, He would suffer for me and you,
Yet, He never did have an attitude.

So when things get hectic in this world,
I remember the Master, and nothing is disturbed.
As I start this day that's brand new,
I pray to keep a good attitude.

Raymond T. Ellis


The sun does not shine as brightly,
The stars have grown dim.
Time is hastening quickly by,
And soon, I'll be with Him.

The birds don't sing as loudly,
As yonder days back then.
I sense it won't be long,
And I'll be home with Him.

The aches and pains are often,
My steps not like they've been.
My heart is beating faster,
Soon, I'll get to see Him.

In life I've failed many times,
But have been forgiven of my sin,
So when I face my Savior,
All will be well with Him.

During these years of struggle,
He has been my best friend.
And I will have eternity,
To give my thanks to Him.

Raymond T. Ellis

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