Thoughts Through the Years

"Thoughts Through The Years," is a collection of various writings and poems about relationships, family, romance, feelings of hope, nature, and spiritual thoughts. Life is filled with ups and downs. At times we all will experience joy and sorrow, as well as disappointment, excitement, and happiness. All of these emotions will be found in this work. We are glad to share this with you, and trust you will enjoy some of these thoughts we have had over the years.

The Bible contains all the ideas we have presented in our writings, and the Bible itself, offers great hope and salvation to all who believe its message.

Thoughts Through The Years is available at a cost of $25. It has 216 pages of writings on the different subjects listed above. Any monies received will be returned back into Country Preacher Ministries, Inc. to continue our mission of spreading the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Poems taken from "Thoughts Through the Years"

Father's Day In Heaven

Daddy said, we've got to get the work done.
Daddy said we had to go to school.
Daddy said we'd better mind our mother.
Daddy said he'd enforce his rules.

Daddy said things I remember,
And he had to say them only once.
Daddy was a man, kind and gentle,
And Daddy loved Jesus and the church.

My Daddy was a farmer
On a little tenant farm.
Back when life was simple,
And families trusted God.
I remember how tired he'd get
Plowing in those fields,
But he never walked out on Mother,
He loved his family.

His hair grew white as the cotton,
His steps slowed and failed.
We children knew that very soon
Our dear Daddy would pass away.

Time went by and then one night,
Daddy looked at me and he said,
"Son, the lord is calling me.
I've got to leave you children for a spell."

It's Father's Day in Heaven,
He's there now this June.
It's Father's Day in Heaven,
And the children, we're all going soon.

It's Father's Day in Heaven,
We're wearing a white rose this June.
It's Father's Day in Heaven,
With Jesus and our mother, too.

Raymond T. Ellis

The Old House

Oh, the love in that old house,
The happiness we used to know.
Our family was so close then,
Though we were very poor.

The house doesn't look the same now,
It's remodeled for modern times.
But in my heart the memories,
Are clearly in my mind.

The old house was filled with laughter,
And we also had our tears.
But Mama and Daddy loved us,
And did all those years.

"What's in a house?" you may ask,
"That makes it so special."
Could it be a family, my friend,
That God has been blessing.

Raymond T. Ellis

You Look Like Love

I met you for the first time today,
And I'm sure there's no mistake.
For I will have to say,
You look like love.

Often I've dreamed of someone,
Someone just like you.
But dreams are dreams only,
And seldom they come true.

You look like love to me,
The way I thought it should be.
Now life for me is complete,
You look like love.

How can I explain it,
This feeling you've given me.
How can I proclaim it,
The excitement my heart feels.

You look like love to me,
And I want you so much.
You've got heaven's touch,
You look like love.

Raymond T. Ellis

The Hurting Ones

I have seen the wrinkled faces,
Heard the groans of pain.
I have listened to their desperate cries,
"Will someone please help me?"

Everywhere you look,
It is always known,
Someone, somewhere, is hurting,
And they feel all alone.

So just a kind word,
To share with one today,
Will brighten their painful world, so always
Remember to include them when you pray.

For this good deed you do,
You will have no regrets,
For the hope you give someone,
Whose life needs peace and rest.

So spend a little time,
With one whose years are few.
For sure as night follows day,
You will need someone too.

Raymond T. Ellis

The Day of The Lord

The day of the Lord is coming,
A day of darkness and gloom.
A time when sinners are weeping
And cursing because they're doomed!

The day of the Lord is coming,
When judgment begins to fall.
The day the Bible has promised,
To those who reject God's call!

The day of the Lord is coming
Oh, the pain and dying on that day.
When there is no one to help them,
Repent now, oh, sinner today!

The day of the Lord is coming,
Salvation's now offered by grace.
Jesus has paid for your sins,
So receive Him now by faith!

Raymond T. Ellis

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