Tragedy In Anytown

"Tragedy in Anytown," is Pastor Ellis’ first fiction novel. It has 139 pages and is available for $12.00. The pastor developed the characters around the many types of personality traits we all share. Throughout the book you will find thought provoking, interesting poems about many of the main characters. It also provides many excellent scriptural references. "Tragedy in Anytown," stresses the urgency of salvation, no matter what age and shows how important it is to “Seek the Lord thy God.”  Deuteronomy 4:29. All monies received are returned back into Country Preacher Ministries, Inc. to continue our mission of spreading the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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All of Pastor Ellis' books can be found in the libraries in Robeson, Bladen, Hoke, and Scotland Counties. Therefore, you may also look for them there if you wish to do so.

Poem taken from "Tragedy in Anytown"

Beautiful's Fate

The hearts of men melted,
She was so beautiful.
Giving her strange power,
To get what she wanted.
Like a flower in the garden,
But this rose had thorns.
It was the Rebel she favored,
This queen, so beautifully born.
No belief in her Maker,
And no time for His name.
Don't let the old Pastor,
"Ever come see me again!"
Her request, it was honored,
Death swept her away.
Tonight her pleasant beauty,
In a cold grave fades away.

Raymond T. Ellis


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